US BIOFUEL, New Jersey and is a major distributor and wholesaler of vegetable oils and edible cooking oils like

palm oil

 , coconut oil, jatropha oil, rapeseed or canola oil, linseed oil, yellow grease,

waste vegetable oil for sale

that is required by the biofuels companies and biodiesel production companies. It also sources used vegetable oil (UVO) and waste vegetable oil (WVO) in bulk from various outlets that is refined and recycled for use as biomass for the production of biodiesels. The use of alternative energy sources has gained extreme relevance today as the global reserves of conventional fossil fuels are diminishing at a rapid rate.   oil recycling filters, wvo oil storage tanks, wvo pumps, wvo centrifuges, wvo cleaning filters, bag filters, biodiesel kits, biofuels companies, biodiesel production, biomass, biodiesels, alternative energy sources, biodiesels processors, biodiesel production equipment.   The biodiesels processors supplied by us harness the trans-esterification process using a solid catalyst and the flash evaporation mechanism after esterification. It has been fabricated to regulate a flow rate of 2 GPM (gallons per minute) with dry oil having a free fatty acid (FFA) content of 5%. US BIOFUEL; suppliers of Biodiesel prcessors, Waste oil recycle centerifuges, bag filters, storage tanks, and pumps:
  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Oil pump.
  • Methanol pump.
  • Heat exchanger.
  • Oil storage tanks
  • Centrifuges
  • Filters
  • Water heaters and boilers
  • Wvo cleaning kits
  Furthermore, global concerns over rising environmental pollution from the emission of greenhouse gases is also pushing all segments in the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors to embrace the use of biofuels mainly ethanol and biodiesel like never before. There are many advantages of using these biofuels in comparison to the conventional types of fuels like petrol and diesel when used in their pure forms or as additives with gasoline. Cost and convenience of use are two of the main benefits. Their use also leads to less environmental pollution. NAZCO is also a major supplier of biodiesel processors. You can ask us for a quote or visit us online at for details and specifications of biodiesel processors that we are supplying.   Are you aware that the U.S. Government provides tax cuts of $0.50 for using one gallon of blended biodiesel? (Instead of using the B100 variety which is the purest or virginal form of biodiesel, different blends like B2, B3, andB5 are used for practical reasons).  Most biodiesel processors use the Trans esterification process for producing the fuel from biomass feedstock that could be recycled vegetable or edible cooking oils or animal fats. This feedstock is mixed with an alcohol derivative like methanol or ethanol and heated. A catalyst like potassium hydroxide(KOH) or sodium hydroxide(NAOH) is used to speed up the reaction. The byproducts mainly include glycerol, soap, substantial amounts of methanol, and small quantities of water. The biodiesel has to be extracted or separated from the byproducts before it can be commercially used.   This biodiesel processor has a capacity to produce 1.2 million gallons of biodiesel per annum. The processor which operates on a continuous flow system has a sonification unit, flow cells, stainless steel plunger pumps with explosion guard motors, VFDs (variable frequency drives) for motors, electrical cabinet, nitrogen free electrical system, distillation system, stainless steel flash evaporators with condensers, glycerol distillation tank, methanol reclaiming tank, vacuum pump for methanol reclamation, stainless steel heat exchangers for heat disbursal in the process and other composites.   For installing the biodiesel processor from us, one has to get the electrical or boiler set up in place. NAZCO is responsible for setting up the unit and training the employees for operating the unit. The system comes with a water filtration system and is ideal for using yellow grease as biomass and the FFA content is reduced. The methanol that is recovered from the ester and the glycerin is refined for reuse. The composite parts of the system have a 12-month warranty from the date of installation and commissioning. You can visit us at for further details and get in touch with our customer care cell.

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